Yingwei's training

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Yingwei's training

Inläggav Yingwei » fre 01 jun 2018, 16:38

31 May 2018

Started with two rehab exercises given by my physiotherapist to strengthen and activate my hip/glutes and get the feeling of bracing the core to straighten the back, because I have a bit of pain in my left lower back sometimes

- focus on bracing to not arch lower back
- sets of 3-5 (didn't count sets, I should count next time) of 30-35kg
Johanna gave some nice advice:
- reset ('rebreathe' aloooot of air and brace) before each lift within set
- walk 'into' rack and rack both sides of bar at same time. I think maybe this somewhat solves the mystery why I used to have pain in my left lower back when I rack the left side (I always rack right side then left side for some reason)
- practise squatting without bar but with the wooden stick and try to keep a straight line between head, back and butt. It seemed impossible but I will keep trying!

After today's session I think there is finally some connection between my brain and muscles regarding how to brace my core to straighten my back, I think I am getting the hang of it :) It is a good feeling not only to have this new 'connection', but it also makes the squat feel lighter and alot more controlled.
Tobias also told me that Bella warms up for heavy squats with planks and suggested I do planks as warm up to get the right feeling of bracing the core to keep the back straight, so next time I train I will try that!

- Warm up: 5 x 20kg, 5 x 25kg
These somehow felt alot lighter today, and I felt more powerful and seemed like the bar moved up faster without me intending to do so.
- 4 x 30 kg: was okay but did not feel as easy as it could be sometimes. Last one especially was wobbly. Probably didn't have enough tension or something, or maybe needed more warm up?
- 1 x 32.5kg: didn't feel so heavy but didn't feel so controlled. Johanna suggested I take time after unracking the bar, wait for the bar to stabilise and take a deep breath before descending the bar.
- 1 x 32.5kg: felt significantly better this time after heeding Johanna's advice. I think I managed to get more tension also because of not rushing to do the lift soon after unracking.
- 1 x 35 kg: tried to do like I did before but since it was heavier I had a slight sideward movement towards the end of the ascending motion. But one week ago I couldn't even get the bar off my chest so this is now my personal best and I am happy anyway! Johanna suggested that I started with the bar further forward for the next lift to make my life easier, so that I don't have a diagonal bar path where I will have to waste energy stopping the bar in the horizontal motion before the vertical motion on the way down.
- then I tried 1 x 35 kg again, trying to follow the advice but failed hah (but at least the bar was lifted off my chest unlike last week! I think I was close during this attempt). Maybe I was tired. I can try again next time.

- 5 x 40 kg was ok, felt quite easy
- 5 x 50 kg (cant remember how many sets I did) and Johanna suggested I start with my hip at a higher position and to press my shoulder blades together, and I think these helped.

Then I did 3 sets on the rowing machine before going home.

not sure if I am doing the training journal right but anyway it is more detailed than what I wrote in my phone..

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Re: Yingwei's training

Inläggav Johanna » lör 02 jun 2018, 21:43

Looks really good! As long as it helps you remember what to train on, it’s good! :)
"Jag har hört att knäböj på boll i Smithmaskin ska vara en grymt funktionell övning!"

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Re: Yingwei's training

Inläggav Yingwei » mån 04 jun 2018, 08:41

Tack! :D :D

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Re: Yingwei's training

Inläggav Yingwei » ons 06 jun 2018, 14:13


Sets of 3-5, 30-40kg
- activate glutes, breathe, brace, then go down
- brace harder especially at the bottom
- use hip more when going up, more momentum (new thing to think about)
talked about how it is possible to go down faster if it can be controlled

Bench: (did face pull as warm up to activate muscles)
Sets of 1-3
5 x 20kg, 5 x 25kg ok
30kg x 4 did not feel so strong but kind of ok
32.5 kg x 1 did not feel so strong so tried again, and left side of body didnt push as hard
32.5kg x 1 felt strong at start but the lift was not as good as it was last time. left side of body didnt push as hard again
35 kg x 1 felt good at start. managed lift left side of body didnt push as hard again!
30kg x 3 with pause. was super good and felt very easy, and left side finally woke up!

Deadlift: (learn 15 kg stiff-legged deadlift as warmup before deadlift. work on activating glutes/hips /hamstrings)
5 x 40kg
5 x 50kg
3/5 x 55 kg
3 x 50 kg
tense back back and down more. don't jerk bar (this fixed itself somehow although no idea how)

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Re: Yingwei's training

Inläggav Yingwei » ons 05 sep 2018, 20:42

Summary of the few times I trained since summer vacation of doing ingenting.

Few tips from Tobbe:

Deadlift - tighten back more

Squat - learnt low bar squat! Suggestion: chest out proud, hands slightly further. Don't look at floor. And try slightly narrower stance while pushing knees out.

Bench -
1. Place feet at starting position
2. Move butt to edge of bench
3. Push body back and chest up and shoulders back as much as possible
4. Butt down and unrack
Tried this set up with two wooden blocks on the ground.

27/8/18 - first time testing 1RM for the three lifts !

Knäböj: 60kg
bänk: 40kg failed but done it recently so used 40kg as 1RM for new programme anyway
Marklyft: 82.5kg

Other things

Make sure of balance during squat. Sit back abit more.
Stretch upper body abit before low bar squat
More power on bench.

Tried belt on squat today. It helped for sure but need to get used to it/experiment abit.
Excited to try belt for deadlift next time! And write bit more in bad Swedish next time Maybe.

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Re: Yingwei's training

Inläggav Pelle » ons 05 sep 2018, 21:31

Great to have you here! Keep it up!

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Re: Yingwei's training

Inläggav Yingwei » ons 05 sep 2018, 21:50

Thanks :)

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